Hilarious and Funny Halo 3 Clip of a unlucky guy!!!

Hihi, this is something that probably happens only 1 in a lifetime! Just a freakin incredible kill there. Thats so cool I almost shit in my pants first time I saw it.:P:P Halo 3 is still the best game on xbox360, and this video shows why. Could somethinge amazing like this happen in COD4 ? NO freaking way :p hehe
Tennis Gear

Oh YEah Two Freakin Sweet Halo 3 Videos Today

This first video is all about cool sniping. THIS is sniping with style! Really like no-scope sniping, I only wish I was better at it than what I actually am. Oh Well, I bet you aint that good either :P Or are you? Here is how its done anyway:

Here is a funny grenade stick clip , enjoy =):

Motocross Gear , Vintage Star Wars

Halo 3 : Blackout: Map Walkthrough

This new halo 3 map looks very cool imo. Dark and spooky. I will have loads of fun sneaking up on people here :D Take a look for yourself!!!

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A very Cool and original funny Halo 3 Montage video :D

A nice combination of action halo 3 gaming, and cool music, makes this video top notch. Some original type of editing too, and overall an B+ Video I think. Hope you like it too!!! Have fun, and remember to keep gaming halo 3 , the best game ever ;)

Bowling Balls

Best Halo 3 Music Video Ever !!

Haha this is such an excellent video....You just cant miss this one buddy. So extremely well done and with lots of cool music. You know from the very start that this clip is out of this world COOL shit :D

Very Cool Well done Halo 3 Montage Video !

Oh Yeah ! This is what I like. Extremely cool video I think, cool music too... Its got it all ! The Ultimate Halo 3 Video? Its close anyway ;)