Halo Wars Videos - Cool Stuff !! =)

I know these videos isnt exactly very new or anything, more update is coming for newer videos from halo wars is soon coming. Halo Wars is going to rock people! Really looking forward to having the game in my hands !!! What a day that will be.. Have fun playing halo 3 until then, Its still #1 ! ;D If you have Halo Wars video you would like to share to the world, then please post it in the comment field.

Halo Music Video - Best and Coolest youtube halo clip Ever!

Oh, Yeah, boys and girls! Im really posting an extremely cool halo music video today! This one is the mother of all youtube halo videos that you would ever see.. So crazy cool clip that it hurts! Basically this video takes you on a wild journey between many different music songs and styles. Im so crazy for not posting this clip until now... Oh well, here it is... lots of cool songs with halo 1 , 2 and 3 playing in the background. Enjoy.

Legendary Halo 3 Video

This video is probably not so hilarious funn like my other videos, but this one is just plain cool stuff... So what am I posting this time? Well its the extremely cool Legendary Halo 3 Video ending video after Credits EXTENDED ! Oh yeah,... Halo 3 is still the coolest game on xbox 360, and this video pretty much proves it, dont you think? ;) Hehe. its bad that there will never be a game like Halo 3 :\ Nothing can beat it..
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Best Halo 3 Tricks and Tips Video :)

I found this trick video to be worth sharing, its basically all about Getting on top of Last Resort! :)
Also here are som tips about grenades in Halo3: Some are simply unaware that when your running forward and throw a nade, that it goes further than if your standing still or running backwards. So the grenades have a momentum behind them, if your running backwards you have to aim higher if you want them to go far at all.

It's a good habit to throw random nades, what I mean by this is throw nades where you think an opponent may be although you cannot see him, or if you see an opponent running behind a wall and you can throw an anticipation nade.
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Halo Cheats ! Best Cheats For Halo 3 Invincibilty Baby :D

Haha if you are searching for halo cheats, then this is the mother of all cheats for halo 3! This guy shows you how to get Invincibilty on multiplayer, using a Cheat Code he figured out all by himself. I must admit I find some of the steps in this cheat hard to get right, but after some few tries I finally made it, and IT WORKS :D If you like cheating on halo multiplayer gaming, then this is the ultimate way to ruling on the servers :D Enjoy :D

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How To Beat Halo 3 Secret Video Guide !

Haha, this is probably not what you are looking for if you where searching for how to beat halo 3 maybe. But what a darn funny video from a cool video series "Will it blend" , man that guy is old... he is like freaking 100 years almost, no wonder he lose at halo 3 hehe. Ok, lets be serious here for one second, do you think Halo 3 will blend? uuuuuhhhh... watch and see. =) Beating Halo 3 pressing the masterchief button! :D

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Amazing Halo 3 Suicides - FUNNY ! :D

Well well people, here are some crazy funny halo 3 suicides that will make you cry laughing. Hehe, ok that might not happen. But this is great stuff still.... I promise you, if you just are going to watch one halo 3 video today, then let this be the one. It has some good music, some excellent moves by these stupid people playing, and overall all you would want from a clip like this. Halo 3 is still the number one xbox360 game I think, and these cool suicides explains some of the coolness of halo 3 =)
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Halo 3 Video - Kickass Video!

Well well, how about this awesome halo 3 video then? Action packed! Great music choice, and basically a rock solid montage video clip. It doesnt get much better than this... thats for darn sure. I really liked this one anyway, hope you will too. enjoy!
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Halo 3 Montage Video That Really Kicks Ass =)

Oh yeah this is the good stuff. If you didnt like this video, then I feel real sorry for you. It is the first montage for the guy who made this one, and it sure is action packed, and with good music choice I might add. Enjoy!

Cool Halo 3 Video - Montage Style

nice montage, good editing, nice music and really good gameplay Its videos like this I could watch all day long. Who plays this song btw? hmm ;I

Funny, Great, Awesome Halo 3 Montage

Hehe, I liked this one. Basically this video is about a fake trailer for a fake montage that was edited in one day. The first song is Battle Without Honor or Humanity and the second song is O Fortuna

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halo 3 video game

Oh Yeah people! Here is a very cool halo 3 montage video that I know you all will enjoy :D

Pretty cool music is added to these clips as well I will add =) Loads of fun, oh yes there will be mayhem :p

halo 3 skulls locations

For those that havent found those darn halo 3 skulls, then this video is for you.

Nice skull video with great music ;) The skulls in halo 3 was a nice touch to an already perfect game =) No wonder halo 3 grossed US$300 million in its first week. :D
Enjoy the skull guide, and then go out and get som sun =)

Cool Halo 3 Vehicles Gone Wild Video :D

Hehe, lol. This video is very unique and funny :D Havent seen any halo 3 video like this one before. "I like to move it move it song" is just perfect for this video too. (Sorry dont know what the song title is, who is singing this song anyway?). Watch and enjoy ;)

Mongoose Brute Halo 3 Love :D

Haha You With Love this Halo 3 Video People !

Cool that that "what is love" song was used, its such a freaking awesoem song you know ;) Hehe made my day. Funny video also, got to dig it ;) <3 <3 <3

Halo 3 video Short And Sweet/Kickass

I bet you will like this one :D I sure did! It isnt exactly long lasting only 26 seconds, but Its quality seconds my friends. hehe gets you pumped up and ready to play

The Blame it on Halo 3 Song

Blame Halo 3 - Watch more free videos

Okok, I know, this video isnt exactly new or anything. Still.. its so darn hilarious that I have to post it now, since I was surfing the web today, and I stumbled across this video again. This video is so funny since its soo true, Halo 3 is one addictive game! ;D

Oh Yeah! Cool Video Called "snip3down 27-6"

You Have to Watch this one. Its got some really nice halo 3 gaming by a dude that knows a thing or two. Its always fun to watch really skilled people :D Im not that bad either though, I think I would have beaten him :P Hehe, still Im pretty good and only getting better. So do you have any halo 3 skill ?

Take a look at this Cool Halo 3 Action Figure !!! You Bet Im buying that one =) So freakin cool to have on my desk.

Halo 3 Series 1 - Spartan Soldier Mark VI Armor (Red) Action Figure

Totally Sick Halo 3 Headshot Video !

Wow, firstly messing around on a map like that is always loads of fun guys ! I have so much fun myself on that map everytime I play it. How cool isnt it to fly on those catapults :D Hehe, this is a great halo 3 video indeed, and sandtrap rules of course ;)

Short Funny Halo 3 Fail Turns out to Be Good

Here is a great short video of a guy first being a little unlucky, or is it pure stupidness? Anyway right after his act of madness he is still lucky. Watch and see for your self, hilarious halo 3 video basicallyu :D

Halo Action Figures

MoB Deep Vs XiT WouNDz Halo 3 Battle Video COol!

This Halo 3 Video gets 100 points for coolness. Very enjoyable, with lots and lots of great kills. This one is also a bit longer than the other videos posted, but here we have a battle between two very good teams, so its worth watching. Pick up some tacticts and movement tips from the best players around? :)

Hilarious and Funny Halo 3 Clip of a unlucky guy!!!

Hihi, this is something that probably happens only 1 in a lifetime! Just a freakin incredible kill there. Thats so cool I almost shit in my pants first time I saw it.:P:P Halo 3 is still the best game on xbox360, and this video shows why. Could somethinge amazing like this happen in COD4 ? NO freaking way :p hehe
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Oh YEah Two Freakin Sweet Halo 3 Videos Today

This first video is all about cool sniping. THIS is sniping with style! Really like no-scope sniping, I only wish I was better at it than what I actually am. Oh Well, I bet you aint that good either :P Or are you? Here is how its done anyway:

Here is a funny grenade stick clip , enjoy =):

Motocross Gear , Vintage Star Wars

Halo 3 : Blackout: Map Walkthrough

This new halo 3 map looks very cool imo. Dark and spooky. I will have loads of fun sneaking up on people here :D Take a look for yourself!!!

width="420" height="345">

A very Cool and original funny Halo 3 Montage video :D

A nice combination of action halo 3 gaming, and cool music, makes this video top notch. Some original type of editing too, and overall an B+ Video I think. Hope you like it too!!! Have fun, and remember to keep gaming halo 3 , the best game ever ;)

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Best Halo 3 Music Video Ever !!

Haha this is such an excellent video....You just cant miss this one buddy. So extremely well done and with lots of cool music. You know from the very start that this clip is out of this world COOL shit :D

Very Cool Well done Halo 3 Montage Video !

Oh Yeah ! This is what I like. Extremely cool video I think, cool music too... Its got it all ! The Ultimate Halo 3 Video? Its close anyway ;)

A Funny Halo 3 Humor Clip basically...

The coolest part was the pacman parody I think. Priceless humor.. Here you will see LOTS of halo 3 versions of the coolest games in the history of video games. Today nothing beats Halo3 though that’s for sure. I have played it so much lately, but still not remotely close to being tired of this great game. But maybe its just that I’m addicted... hehe, have fun watching this video though, and please leave a comment if you liked it or not. Then I know what to post in the future you know ;)

Halo 3 Tips - Become a Pro Player ;)

This video totally kicks ass. Some useful tips there you might wanna try out the next time you play :P and some great typically halo 3 humor. You DONT want to miss out on this video, I really recommended it if you like halo 3 that is....;;)

Crazy Funny Halo 3 Wheelie With a Funny Ending ;)

Hehe this is pretty funny stuff.. I have never seen such a good wheelie with a warthog in halo 3 before, so that one was way cool! Quick and funny video, and the ending was surprising and unexpected as well.. ;)

Halo 3 Mario Kart Parody Video =)

Hehe this is freakin crazy, what has Master Chief got to do with Mario.. Very creative and fun video that any gamer will enjoy. Im not a Mario fan myself though, I think nintendo is for kids, but hey, thats my taste.

Amazing Halo 3 Trailer That stands out from the crowd!

Here is a video called "Triggers Down tD", and beleive me when I say its extremely well done and cool. The people behind triggers down is the MLG team, and the video editing skills are top notch! Two thumbs up, five golden stars, and all that. keep it up MLG ;D

Extremely Cool Halo 3 Video called Shraptain 2

Oh Yeah I must say I enjoyed this one very much. The description for this video is : "The best/most tactical jumps in me and captain`s second jump video, Shraptain 2."

Funny Stupid Dumb Halo 3 Videos :D

hehe, a pretty pointless video, with a strange song I know I have heard from somewhere, but just dont know where or what that song is called. Im so loooonely..

And  this clip is even more hilarious I think :D Just gotta love halo3 people..

Oh Yeah! Halo 3 Cool 4 Shot overkill video.

Its easy to spot a skilled halo 3 player, or any player in first person shooter games in general. Just study how this games aims and walks, its all about aiming correctly and seeing the right details. I myself sometimes happen to run backwards at times, making my die quite often. But Im not a skilled player so... :P

Very Cool Guide On how to make Halo 3 Panoramic Screenshots !

Havent we all seen those awesome panoramic screenshots from halo 3, that looks so increadible cool and impressive. Here is a guide on how to make this things yourself ! Oh Yeah Baby.

Also here is todays funny halo 3 video ;) :

Hilarious Halo 3 Machinima Video :D

Hahathis is funny stuff people! Some info on this video: "After months of waiting, three players, John, Vincent, and Travis, finally get their hands on the much anticipated video game, Halo 3."
The lesson to be learnt after watching this: Dont play WOW, it messes everything up ;)

Hilarious Halo 3 Machinima video :D Laugh your ass off

Hehe, the guys behind these videos are creative, and have some real love for the game halo 3 I think. This video is called Episode 6: Spriggs: Unloaded, and is pure quality halo humor, enjoy ;)

A Pretty Awesome Halo 3 Video called Shocktology ! oh YEAH!

Very well made, nicely edited! Kudos on that.
As the author of this video says: TM22 edited this dualtage with Sticktology and Aftershock...not perfect, but a pretty enjoyable tage!

Very nice gaming by some guy: HalfbakedDunk44 PoV, Fun Video

Watch how he manage to get a double triple. Pretty darn cool I say ;)

Cool Halo 3 Match Video ! - with comments

Hehe, some really good frags here people, looks like a lot of skill too! This video is basically a Playoff match from RTH ToxiC`s POV with Kyo commentating. Guardian Oddball.

Very Cool Halo 3 Video - Halo Montage Style

The Rookie calls this the rooktage. Snipes, NO-scopes and multi-kills abound. Really liked this one ;)

Great Halo 3 Gamer Plays really good in the XLeague EU Playoffs

Here we have a big halo 3 tournament (XLeague EU Playoffs) with £10,000 as the prize money. So theres a lot on the line here. Watch how this guy gets one incredible sticky, and the commentator goes nuts :D Hehe funny video I think.

A fun and entertaining Halo 3 Trick video

Basically some of the things these guys shows you here, is how to get a turret-less Warthog and a convertible Wraith.

Haha Freakin Hilarious Halo 3 Video by "Smooth Few Films" Awesome stuff ! Watch this!

No seriously, this has to be the funniest Halo3 video ever !? All about naughty boy Steven and his discussion with his dad. Incredible inside halo humor here folks, I have to post more of these clips and more by Smooth Few Films in the future! Hope you like it as much as I did.

Very entertaining short and sweet video

hehe this one is just some seconds long, but is of great value for those sniper enthusiasts out there. I’m not saying this guy is the best or anything, it just was a nice triple kill I think. Here it is:

Fun and enjoyable Halo 3 Montage Video By "Kampy"

First video buy a guy called "Kampy", and it sure its good. Like the music choice which is "Matchbox Twenty - How Far We`ve Come", havent heard of this band before, but I might check them out now, thanks Kampy!

Funny Halo 3 Musical Video! Uniquely made clip

Hehe, I think this one was pretty damn cool. A musical made from a big halo 3 battle. Nicely made, the map is sandtrap, what are you waiting for. Check it out if you want to be entertained for some minutes.

Very short and fun halo 3 humor video :D

Hehe. a quick halo 3 suicide classic. Great laughter there :D Hoho this one made me laugh after watching it 3-4 times ;) Enjoy:

Also here is a good clip of a new map called Barts Manor, that looks awesome, check that out also!

Halo 3 is now the second most played game on xbox 360

Yeah I know this news isn’t very new to most of you, but I wanted to share a list of the most played xbox 360 games on xbox live for those that doesn’t know this already. I hope Halo 3 takes back the throne and becomes the most played game again, but I’m afraid COD4 is a strong game also. We all know Halo 3 is the coolest though ;D Here is the most played live games:

1.Call of Duty 4
2.Halo 3
3.Guitar Hero III
4.Gears of War
5.Rock Band
6.Devil May Cry 4 Demo
7.Madden NFL 08
8.Turok Demo
9.Assassin's Creed
10.Rez HD

BUt Hey! Wait a second what does Assassins Creed do on this list!? That is a xbox live game is it!? Can anyone answer me that? I have that game too, but surely didnt know it was a live game!!? The source for this information is IGN

Fun Video about the best ways to start a game in Halo 3.

A very nice cool video that I of course will place in the "tricks and tips" category. Here you will learn something from a player who has obviously understand some good ways to rule in this game. Have fun watching this one, I sure did. Thanks so much for the replies so far people, really like the kind words from everyone.

Stunning Halo 3 video. A video for gamers that think they play well...

You dont play good compared to this guy! Wow thats a cool "overkill". Maybe was a bit lucky but still pretty darn cool. I hope you click to see this one!

Funny and amazing halo 3 video. A quick and entertaining video hehe

Wow! 1 Shot and triple kill with sniper. This is what I like to see. Havent dont this myself yet, but Im getting real good now, so it might happen soon ;) Halo 3 is by the way still my favorite game on the xbox 360 by far, and probably will be for a long time. Im really addicted still hehe.

Oh YEah! Cool Halo 3 Video with a really skilled gamer!

I have always felt that the sniper rifle is the best weapon in halo 3, it is good for long distance as well as close combat. Look at this guy taking people down with his sniper :D Haha NO-zoom sniping is awesome, only wish I was better at it myself. Then I would rule the world in Halo 3, and "GoldenAxe1" (which is my nickname) would be the worlds top player hehe. Are you any good at sniping like this?

Entertaining, Fun, Halo 3 game video - Become montage videos rock!

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff. A halo 3 "mini-montage" video that contains everything a hardcore gamer would like to see and hear. I hope you like it, because I sure did. Tell me what you think if you like.

Halo 3 Game video - Map remake of Warlock - Looks sweet!

Here`s a flythrough look at the map Warlock. Its map like these that makes me wanna play Halo 3 even more than I already do, which is almost not healthy considering how much I play this game :P

Very Cool Video called "TeH BawNeY Montage Two Trailer" Looks like its going to be entertaining

Hehe oh yeah. This video apparently is about an upcoming video "`Master of the Spider.`" Guess we have to wait for it... AHh waiting.. remember waiting for the release of Halo 3..that sucked. But this I can wait for. Ok, Im playing some halo 3 again, and going out, have fun all.

Fun Halo 3 Video - Top 10 Sticks - A classic gaming video clip

This game really makes me smile sometimes, seeing videos like this with people being so incredible lucky with their plasma grenade throws. I know I would get pretty annoyed when people do this to me playing online.. I never am lucky when it comes to grenade throws myself: \ Have fun watching this.

Awesome Halo 3 Montage Video - Coolest Sniper Video at the moment!

Oh YEah! I really liked this video. Watching lots of good sniping always gets me in a good mood. Hehe so fun to watch how this guy snipes without zooming, looks so easy.. but its a lot harder than it looks. Im sure aint that good anyway. Need to practice more... off to play halo 3 now :D

Oh, and take a look at this cool Halo 3 Keychain I just bought ;D Damn its cool.
Halo 3 Long Keychain

Hehe, Funny Video with the halo 3 disc inside the worlds only Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

I first read this somewhere that a guy had made a xbox360 laptop, my first reaction was "cool!", but then again, what is the point!? It looks heavy and isn’t it better to play the game on a real big kick ass HD screen!!!? Besides how long did it take him to make this, and what about the xbox 360`s heat issues? Oh well let him have his fun, I’m good playing Halo 3 the way it was meant to be played ;)

Halo 3 weapons - Top 5 weapons ? just as you know: this is an old video :p

Hehe, since I watch at least 2-3 halo 3 videos every day, I wanted to share a old video with you all today. Its a video from Gamedaily where they list up the top 5 weapons in halo 3 (beta :p) hehe. The exiting times just before the real halo 3 game launched. I agree that the sniper rifle is the number 1 weapon, but not the other choices. My list is:
1 - Sniper Rifle
2 - Spartan Laser
3 - Battle Rifle
4 - Covenant Carbine
4 - Shotgun
Whats your favorite halo 3 weapon ? In case you cant decide here`s a good list of all the halo 3 weapons : http://halowiki.net/p/Weapons

Hehe, Funny Halo 3 Kamikaze style trick by some guy

Hoho, definitely the first time I’ve seen someone do this. Sure looks like he had some fun there, would never work on me though, only work on newbies who can’t shoot the guy sooner ;)

A Halo 3 Video that is nothing but a Hilarious Suicide ! Best ever? ;)

Hehe lol. I have to pinch myself in the arm to believe this just happened before my eyes, that’s just sick. I hope that guy isn’t this unlucky in real life too. I didn’t know this was even possible. A nicely edited halo 3 video that you simply can’t miss.

Halo 3 Legendary Ending

I must warn you on this video, its a spoiler if you havent completed halo 3 on legendary. But come on who hasnt right ;) Yeah its cool, but yet leaves questions about what happens to master chief. Hope you like it if you havent seen it already ;)

Halo 3 Walkthrough of a FFA map "Statusphere" & cool montage video !

Hehe some guy made this map, and its looks like fun. Maybe not the best looking in the world, but there are lots of cool jumps to be made here, and I'm a jumping maniac myself so.. The music in this video is: "Asilos Magdalena" - The Mars Volta.

Now for a very cool montage video, that I wanted to show you all:

Oh Yeah !! ;)

Oh Yeah! this is how to dominate in Halo 3

The secret to become a real good player is this: learn to aim better than your opponents :P Get lots of head shots like this guy.. great video. hope you like it.

Hoho. This is a totally Insane Halo 3 Multikill Video!!

I KNOW you will like this one ;) This guy is sick! ;D My favorite video these last few weeks, and I have seen a bunch of halo 3 videos by now too... Watch this one, and tell me if you like it ;)

Lets watch a video with a really SKILLED playah and..

..maybe you will learn some tricks from this guy. I easily spot skilled players right away when I see one, its just the way they move and aim that's so freakin good. Very cool video minitage from "Taylor". Thanks for sharing it with us dude:P

Halo 3 Ultimate Trick Jumping Video !

He he, Trick jumps are so cool. Wonder how long this it took this guy to figure all this jumps out, some really impressive jumps here guys. Can really help you online, getting away from crazy people running after you. Hope you like this video too ;)

Halo 3 Guitar hero 3 expert, & "PlasmaTrotters video" Insane sticks!

Its time to show off some skills in Guitar Hero 3 playing the Halo song. Pretty good I must say. I have tried guitar hero a few times, and I pretty much sucked at it :P. Check it out:

Here is an other very cool video you have to watch. Its an incredible stick clip, that is very well made, and entertaining. I give it A++ actually ;) :

Halo 3 "ball course v.2" Its a score!

Oh yeah, if you happen to not have seen this before. Its basically Halo 3 soccer football thing... nicely made map for its purpose. Haha. GOAL! Watch this! ;)

Haha. Awesome and funny halo 3 video !

Wow, I must say that this was freakin cool. Here we have a guy going being really creative and messing around with forge. Have to be the best halo 3 suicide video ever.. I'm completely stunned now.. ho ho, and I'm off to play some halo :D

Haha, a Halo 3 Turorial video on how to do a Mongoose Wheelie

Oh Yeah! This was both stupid and cool at the same time. People do the strangest things in halo 3.. that's for sure. This video seems to be like 4 minutes long, but it actually is only 1.04, and then it hangs. What do you think of the video otherwise? hehe, will test this out myself.. ;)

Halo 3 Skill Video ! Wow this guy is good

Hoho, this is almost like cheating. So glad I never have met him online. That is some CRAZY sticks he has too... I guess skilled players are quite lucky some times. WATCH this one and envy the skills.

Halo 3 Video - What does Halo 3 and Mario have in common!?

HA ha. I almost fell of my chair when I first saw this crazy video. Apparently this game is called "Super Mario Fusion", where a hardcore Mario and halo 3 fan, have made a mix between the two games. What a crazy idea in itself isn't it!? Anyway this is so freakin cool! It is made in a a program "Game Maker 7 Pro", which I never have heard of myself, but I'm sure its a good program, if you feel that you want to make a game or two like this one ;D This game is expected to be released in form of a demo by the weekend of January 11-13. Have fun watching this one!! ;)

"SnayR`s" cool h3 Montage Trailer video & quick and sweet overkill video

Yeah! This is the stuff. I must say I have become such a fan of good montage videos. They are just so freakin entertaining and fun to watch!!! *Warning very cool music in this one* ;)

And here is a short clip of a guy getting overkill basically, looks like a good dude ;)

halo 3 trailer & montage video, very cool stuff ;)

Hehe I must say I liked this little trailer for halo 3. It should have been the real trailer for the game even :P But don't be fooled this is actually a very well made montage video from "Bowzzzer". *Watch it only if you REALLY like halo 3 ;)*

videos halo 3 - time to get crazy..

Haha what a man cannon this is. I'm not 100% sure who made this cannon, so wont go there, but sure looks like fun ;) One of the craziest things in halo 3 yet...

Halo 3 downloads - screensavers , wallpapers, and halo 3 msn pictures for free!

Just wanted to share some halo 3 downloads with you all. If you want to download any of the things in the title to your computer for free right away. Then I found some good links on the net for you ;) Head on over to http://halo.msn.com/downloads/na/default.htm & http://www.cnet.com/topic-software/halo-3.html if you're interested ;)

halo 3 master chief rules. Lucky stick video, freakin awesome!

Hoho, this is one sweet grenade stick ! Talk about luck. Just when the guy was throwing his stick, the other guy did the same. Look what happened then... Incredible luck. Very cool halo 3 video I might say. A moment to remember.

halo 3 2 halo 4 the movie

Here you have a video called "halo 3 2 halo 4 the movie", and its freakin hilarious.:D Maybe not the best looking animation in the world, but it still is pretty decent. The entertainment factor in this halo 3 / halo 4 parody movie, is high. Highly recommend that you watch this one ;)

Halo 3 new video

Halo 3 the video game continues to push people to do funny things in forge.
This one is called "the catapult" for obvious reasons. Creative and nicely edited clip, but the ending could have been better ;) Watch for yourself, and let me know what you think about this one ;)