Halo Cheats ! Best Cheats For Halo 3 Invincibilty Baby :D

Haha if you are searching for halo cheats, then this is the mother of all cheats for halo 3! This guy shows you how to get Invincibilty on multiplayer, using a Cheat Code he figured out all by himself. I must admit I find some of the steps in this cheat hard to get right, but after some few tries I finally made it, and IT WORKS :D If you like cheating on halo multiplayer gaming, then this is the ultimate way to ruling on the servers :D Enjoy :D

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How To Beat Halo 3 Secret Video Guide !

Haha, this is probably not what you are looking for if you where searching for how to beat halo 3 maybe. But what a darn funny video from a cool video series "Will it blend" , man that guy is old... he is like freaking 100 years almost, no wonder he lose at halo 3 hehe. Ok, lets be serious here for one second, do you think Halo 3 will blend? uuuuuhhhh... watch and see. =) Beating Halo 3 pressing the masterchief button! :D

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