Funny Red vs. Blue: ODST Episode :D

The RvB guys try out some new uniforms, and Church passes on some important information he heard about a certain legendary sergeant.

Ok, I know it aint Halo3 this time, but the new Halo ODST game is just awesome!! :D

Red VS Blue is such funny though, always it :) Cunning as a fox!!

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Funny Ass Halo 3 Video Kills!!

Its time for more fun and halo 3 video kills!

I luv these types of videos... Lots of action and plenty of fun. Halo 3 will for ever be my favorite game thats for sure. Hope you still enjoy playing it too :D


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Cool and Fun Halo Wars Video :D

Here is a funny halo wars trailer that I just saw the other day. If you havent seen this cool video before, then I think you should check it out. :D

And then lets end this post with an famous funny halo 3 dance video. LoL, this video will make you laugh:

Have a good easter everyone. And remember to play lot of xbox 360 and have fun with Halo games =)

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