Amazing Halo 3 Suicides - FUNNY ! :D

Well well people, here are some crazy funny halo 3 suicides that will make you cry laughing. Hehe, ok that might not happen. But this is great stuff still.... I promise you, if you just are going to watch one halo 3 video today, then let this be the one. It has some good music, some excellent moves by these stupid people playing, and overall all you would want from a clip like this. Halo 3 is still the number one xbox360 game I think, and these cool suicides explains some of the coolness of halo 3 =)
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Halo 3 Video - Kickass Video!

Well well, how about this awesome halo 3 video then? Action packed! Great music choice, and basically a rock solid montage video clip. It doesnt get much better than this... thats for darn sure. I really liked this one anyway, hope you will too. enjoy!
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