Mongoose Brute Halo 3 Love :D

Haha You With Love this Halo 3 Video People !

Cool that that "what is love" song was used, its such a freaking awesoem song you know ;) Hehe made my day. Funny video also, got to dig it ;) <3 <3 <3

Halo 3 video Short And Sweet/Kickass

I bet you will like this one :D I sure did! It isnt exactly long lasting only 26 seconds, but Its quality seconds my friends. hehe gets you pumped up and ready to play

The Blame it on Halo 3 Song

Blame Halo 3 - Watch more free videos

Okok, I know, this video isnt exactly new or anything. Still.. its so darn hilarious that I have to post it now, since I was surfing the web today, and I stumbled across this video again. This video is so funny since its soo true, Halo 3 is one addictive game! ;D

Oh Yeah! Cool Video Called "snip3down 27-6"

You Have to Watch this one. Its got some really nice halo 3 gaming by a dude that knows a thing or two. Its always fun to watch really skilled people :D Im not that bad either though, I think I would have beaten him :P Hehe, still Im pretty good and only getting better. So do you have any halo 3 skill ?

Take a look at this Cool Halo 3 Action Figure !!! You Bet Im buying that one =) So freakin cool to have on my desk.

Halo 3 Series 1 - Spartan Soldier Mark VI Armor (Red) Action Figure

Totally Sick Halo 3 Headshot Video !

Wow, firstly messing around on a map like that is always loads of fun guys ! I have so much fun myself on that map everytime I play it. How cool isnt it to fly on those catapults :D Hehe, this is a great halo 3 video indeed, and sandtrap rules of course ;)

Short Funny Halo 3 Fail Turns out to Be Good

Here is a great short video of a guy first being a little unlucky, or is it pure stupidness? Anyway right after his act of madness he is still lucky. Watch and see for your self, hilarious halo 3 video basicallyu :D

Halo Action Figures

MoB Deep Vs XiT WouNDz Halo 3 Battle Video COol!

This Halo 3 Video gets 100 points for coolness. Very enjoyable, with lots and lots of great kills. This one is also a bit longer than the other videos posted, but here we have a battle between two very good teams, so its worth watching. Pick up some tacticts and movement tips from the best players around? :)