A Happy New Year to all Halo 3 addicts out there ! :D

Just wanted to say that I hope everyone has a blast today, as we head on over to 2008. I wish 2008 will be the best year ever. Remember that Halo 3 will live on forever, and there probably will come new halo games in the future. Even if it wont be a halo 4 game, because that will sadly never happen. Oh well.
Here is a last halo 3 video of this year:
A lucky halo 3 stick, lol:

Oh Yeah! Action packed halo 3 video !

Here is a montage video by "Frozen".
It is his second video, and I must say that I liked it very much. Although he could have better editing skills, his halo 3 skills are good enough ;) I hope you like this clip too, and let me know if you happen to know the name of the music artist.

A great and fun Halo 3 Machinima..

This is episode 3 called My Tank is Fight.
Hehe, that one guy is such a whiner. How cool is this video!? ;) I must say I liked it anyway. I dreamed today that someone made a halo 3 movie, oh wait. The Halo 3 movie is planned already, wow!!!! The halo 3 movie is going to rule the world...ok, that all, just watch this already, very enjoyable ;)

A Halo 3 Montage Video by CM-XWing You gotta see this one!

Oh YEah, this is the cool stuff. The CM-XWing team should be proud, they have done an awesome job here. It consist of everything you would want from a montage video. Cool music like Iron Maiden, and non-stop action :D Just the way I like it anyway.

Haha, Halo 3 Punching Master. Funny video !

Haha, this is extremely cool if you ask me. 2 punches and 2 KO`s ;)

A wicked sick and cool Halo 3 video. Boost shoot with no scope

The beauty of the sniper rifle is clearly the raw power that a single shot delivers to the opponent. It can be the coolest thing ever, or the most annoying... depending on who gets shot ;) Wow. this video is so cool! You like it too?

Very Cool Halo 3 video montage! Action all the way

A very enjoyable all the way through. Like videos like this I must say. Action pumping and with cool music. Montage by "Ronin".

Great Halo 3 ultimate skull video: Finding all the skulls in the game.

Since last post was about finding the fourth skull, I think it is necessary to show you have to find the rest of them too ;) Since you DO want em all don't you!? Yeah, halo 3 players are greedy like that. Yeah have fun watching this entertaining free skull video ;)

halo 3 skull locations video: How to get the fourth skull ;)

Hoho, even when you are a Halo 3 addict like myself. I cant say I have got the 4Th skull just yet. I'm going to do this tomorrow though, so don't worry. It requires a lot of jumping, so I have to save my energy :p Ha ha. How about you, do you have the fourth skull in your possession? ;)

A Halo 3 Commercial , simply hilarious :D

I laugh every time I see this video. Its like watching everyone I know playing halo 3. Its so true that playing this game can get so intense, that you just want to scream.

Hoho. Even though this game has it all, there can still be some bugs... watch this video clip and see..

Bungie should have made sure the hitboxes where just perfect. Then again we don't live in a perfect world. Where Master Chief would be the president. This gamer had to be frustrated when trying so hard to snipe that guy. ;) Oh well..

Also... Here is a flythrough video of a new map called "Solitary". Looks like a lot of fun ;) That's no shocker since I like almost all Halo 3 maps ;)

Entertaining and fun video with Red Vs Blue !

Haha, I know everyone here are familiar with red vs blue, but I bet you might haven't seen this one. Very funny I must say, had to laugh many times here ;D

Cool video ! Guy goes crazy with the machine gun

Wow this looked like a lot of fun. Any halo 3 fan would like to get 9 kills in 50 seconds. Cant say I have managed to do this myself, but I'm not that good yet unfortunately. He had some luck of where the people where standing here, if I was in the same situation I would have gotten 10 kills at least;)

Oh Yeah! Awesome Funny Halo 3 Video. - Double frag noScope

Haha. Cant say I have seen this before. That's the beauty of the sniper riffle though, how powerful it can be. Seen some other cool videos before, with people that have become quite good at sniping without scope, and that's something I would like to practice more on. ;) Wow, that guy must have been shocked, when he saw what he did ;D Cool video, watch this!

A funny and wierd halo 3 moment ;)

Hoho, what the....? Hehe sniping backwards seems like a very cool thing to do, will try it myself sometime :P Now if only there was a way of looking backwards without turning around..

Halo 3 Machinima: Human Weapons Guide

Oh Yeah, Lets analyze the weapons in Halo 3 a bit. I think this is a very enjoyable overview of the weapons. My favorite has to be the sniper ;) Because of all the POWER it has ;) Whats your favorite?

Wow. Very cool Montage Halo 3 video! A recommended watch.

This is clearly one of my favorites when it comes to montage type of films. Kudos to AceHawk89 for showing us all his skills. Action pumping stuff, with great music and great sniping most of all. I bet you will enjoy this one ;)

Here is a tutorial: How to get Halo 3 videos on your pc

As a heavy halo 3 gamer myself, I know a lot of people wonders about how this is done. It can be a bit complicated, but to sum it up, you will need a capture card. And a little computer "know-how". ;)

New Halo 3 Multiplayer Map - Rats Nest - Showoff

Lets take a look of this very new map just released "Rats Nest". It looks like a big map, but I must say I like it anyway. What do you think of it?

Hehe. Halo Soccer - Guy gets killed by giant ball :D

This is pretty funny I think. What a fine punch that ball got, before hitting that dumb guy right in the head. Ouch, with a ball that size, that's gotta hurt! :D

Exiting and Action based Halo 3 Montage video and a halo arcade game

"Ladies and gentlemen please, would you bring your attention to me" - From the song in this video. Hehe, very well picked music and I like it. It makes any type of Halo video so much better I think. Here we have lots of good action filled halo moments, brought to us by "Motaxs". Maybe some parts where a little too fast paced, even for an action addict like myself :p It can be nicer to see things in slow motion in Halo3 though.

Also I would like to share a cool halo arcade game. OK, its not a GREAT game. Taking in consideration that I really wanted to share halo related flash games with you guys and girls now, it is somewhat decent game, and the amount of halo flash games are very limited at the moment. Its called the Warthhog Launch ;)Here it is anyway:

Excellent Overkill video.

I think this looks a lot easier than it actually is. Some of those kills were pretty good, when you take in consideration that there was much movement involved here. It can be difficult to play halo 3 under pressure, or when you are in a stressful situation. I know this because my aim is terrible under pressure :P

A Halo 3 Video you will like....This is Action packed stuff

Yeah! This clip is great. I'm such a huge action fan.. if its movies starring Van Damme or Steven Seagal, or if its a video game like Halo 3 ;) Lots of high quality game footage right here people. Watch and enjoy ;)

A Very Cool Halo 3 Machinima video :]

This one is called "The One", and has some really cool filming and editing. I also really like the music choice. I just know I have heard that music from somewhere, but just cant remember. Anyone know what this song is called?

Hoho, entertaining video! Insanely skilled player ;)

Wow, I know a skilled player when I see one, and I bet this guy is darn awesome in Halo 3. Skilled players have a distinctive way of moving and aiming, and a more direct approach, than the average joe type of player. Ho ho, I wish this was me dominating like this ;) Maybe one day. How about you, are you any good in halo 3 at this point? ;)

Haha funny video with flying vehicle :D

Hoho, always enjoy watching crazy moments in this game. Halo 3 is still the best game on X360 ;) Here we see an explosion that leads to an enormous flying trip. Looks fun, and nice that they manage to hit that bunker.

Stunning Halo 3 Speedpainting, by an incredible artist!

I have watched this guy do speedpaintings in the past, and I must say this guy is my hero. He`s skills in photoshop are beyond what I thought was possible almost. Man Its cool to see that this guy is a Halo 3 fan like myself. If only he could make me a huge Halo 3 poster to hang on the wall, that would be awesome !! :D

Hoho, Skilled player gets overkill. great video!

Oh yeah! this is the good stuff! That first plasma grenade throw was amazing! He just sensed the guy would show up exactly there, and then goes on sniping without zoom. Sniping without zoom sure is difficult, I'm so bad at it myself. Never hit anything like that... oh well.. must practice more ;)