Hilarious Halo 3 Machinima video :D Laugh your ass off

Hehe, the guys behind these videos are creative, and have some real love for the game halo 3 I think. This video is called Episode 6: Spriggs: Unloaded, and is pure quality halo humor, enjoy ;)

A Pretty Awesome Halo 3 Video called Shocktology ! oh YEAH!

Very well made, nicely edited! Kudos on that.
As the author of this video says: TM22 edited this dualtage with Sticktology and Aftershock...not perfect, but a pretty enjoyable tage!

Very nice gaming by some guy: HalfbakedDunk44 PoV, Fun Video

Watch how he manage to get a double triple. Pretty darn cool I say ;)

Cool Halo 3 Match Video ! - with comments

Hehe, some really good frags here people, looks like a lot of skill too! This video is basically a Playoff match from RTH ToxiC`s POV with Kyo commentating. Guardian Oddball.

Very Cool Halo 3 Video - Halo Montage Style

The Rookie calls this the rooktage. Snipes, NO-scopes and multi-kills abound. Really liked this one ;)

Great Halo 3 Gamer Plays really good in the XLeague EU Playoffs

Here we have a big halo 3 tournament (XLeague EU Playoffs) with £10,000 as the prize money. So theres a lot on the line here. Watch how this guy gets one incredible sticky, and the commentator goes nuts :D Hehe funny video I think.

A fun and entertaining Halo 3 Trick video

Basically some of the things these guys shows you here, is how to get a turret-less Warthog and a convertible Wraith.

Haha Freakin Hilarious Halo 3 Video by "Smooth Few Films" Awesome stuff ! Watch this!

No seriously, this has to be the funniest Halo3 video ever !? All about naughty boy Steven and his discussion with his dad. Incredible inside halo humor here folks, I have to post more of these clips and more by Smooth Few Films in the future! Hope you like it as much as I did.

Very entertaining short and sweet video

hehe this one is just some seconds long, but is of great value for those sniper enthusiasts out there. I’m not saying this guy is the best or anything, it just was a nice triple kill I think. Here it is:

Fun and enjoyable Halo 3 Montage Video By "Kampy"

First video buy a guy called "Kampy", and it sure its good. Like the music choice which is "Matchbox Twenty - How Far We`ve Come", havent heard of this band before, but I might check them out now, thanks Kampy!

Funny Halo 3 Musical Video! Uniquely made clip

Hehe, I think this one was pretty damn cool. A musical made from a big halo 3 battle. Nicely made, the map is sandtrap, what are you waiting for. Check it out if you want to be entertained for some minutes.

Very short and fun halo 3 humor video :D

Hehe. a quick halo 3 suicide classic. Great laughter there :D Hoho this one made me laugh after watching it 3-4 times ;) Enjoy:

Also here is a good clip of a new map called Barts Manor, that looks awesome, check that out also!

Halo 3 is now the second most played game on xbox 360

Yeah I know this news isn’t very new to most of you, but I wanted to share a list of the most played xbox 360 games on xbox live for those that doesn’t know this already. I hope Halo 3 takes back the throne and becomes the most played game again, but I’m afraid COD4 is a strong game also. We all know Halo 3 is the coolest though ;D Here is the most played live games:

1.Call of Duty 4
2.Halo 3
3.Guitar Hero III
4.Gears of War
5.Rock Band
6.Devil May Cry 4 Demo
7.Madden NFL 08
8.Turok Demo
9.Assassin's Creed
10.Rez HD

BUt Hey! Wait a second what does Assassins Creed do on this list!? That is a xbox live game is it!? Can anyone answer me that? I have that game too, but surely didnt know it was a live game!!? The source for this information is IGN

Fun Video about the best ways to start a game in Halo 3.

A very nice cool video that I of course will place in the "tricks and tips" category. Here you will learn something from a player who has obviously understand some good ways to rule in this game. Have fun watching this one, I sure did. Thanks so much for the replies so far people, really like the kind words from everyone.

Stunning Halo 3 video. A video for gamers that think they play well...

You dont play good compared to this guy! Wow thats a cool "overkill". Maybe was a bit lucky but still pretty darn cool. I hope you click to see this one!

Funny and amazing halo 3 video. A quick and entertaining video hehe

Wow! 1 Shot and triple kill with sniper. This is what I like to see. Havent dont this myself yet, but Im getting real good now, so it might happen soon ;) Halo 3 is by the way still my favorite game on the xbox 360 by far, and probably will be for a long time. Im really addicted still hehe.

Oh YEah! Cool Halo 3 Video with a really skilled gamer!

I have always felt that the sniper rifle is the best weapon in halo 3, it is good for long distance as well as close combat. Look at this guy taking people down with his sniper :D Haha NO-zoom sniping is awesome, only wish I was better at it myself. Then I would rule the world in Halo 3, and "GoldenAxe1" (which is my nickname) would be the worlds top player hehe. Are you any good at sniping like this?

Entertaining, Fun, Halo 3 game video - Become montage videos rock!

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff. A halo 3 "mini-montage" video that contains everything a hardcore gamer would like to see and hear. I hope you like it, because I sure did. Tell me what you think if you like.

Halo 3 Game video - Map remake of Warlock - Looks sweet!

Here`s a flythrough look at the map Warlock. Its map like these that makes me wanna play Halo 3 even more than I already do, which is almost not healthy considering how much I play this game :P

Very Cool Video called "TeH BawNeY Montage Two Trailer" Looks like its going to be entertaining

Hehe oh yeah. This video apparently is about an upcoming video "`Master of the Spider.`" Guess we have to wait for it... AHh waiting.. remember waiting for the release of Halo 3..that sucked. But this I can wait for. Ok, Im playing some halo 3 again, and going out, have fun all.

Fun Halo 3 Video - Top 10 Sticks - A classic gaming video clip

This game really makes me smile sometimes, seeing videos like this with people being so incredible lucky with their plasma grenade throws. I know I would get pretty annoyed when people do this to me playing online.. I never am lucky when it comes to grenade throws myself: \ Have fun watching this.

Awesome Halo 3 Montage Video - Coolest Sniper Video at the moment!

Oh YEah! I really liked this video. Watching lots of good sniping always gets me in a good mood. Hehe so fun to watch how this guy snipes without zooming, looks so easy.. but its a lot harder than it looks. Im sure aint that good anyway. Need to practice more... off to play halo 3 now :D

Oh, and take a look at this cool Halo 3 Keychain I just bought ;D Damn its cool.
Halo 3 Long Keychain

Hehe, Funny Video with the halo 3 disc inside the worlds only Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

I first read this somewhere that a guy had made a xbox360 laptop, my first reaction was "cool!", but then again, what is the point!? It looks heavy and isn’t it better to play the game on a real big kick ass HD screen!!!? Besides how long did it take him to make this, and what about the xbox 360`s heat issues? Oh well let him have his fun, I’m good playing Halo 3 the way it was meant to be played ;)

Halo 3 weapons - Top 5 weapons ? just as you know: this is an old video :p

Hehe, since I watch at least 2-3 halo 3 videos every day, I wanted to share a old video with you all today. Its a video from Gamedaily where they list up the top 5 weapons in halo 3 (beta :p) hehe. The exiting times just before the real halo 3 game launched. I agree that the sniper rifle is the number 1 weapon, but not the other choices. My list is:
1 - Sniper Rifle
2 - Spartan Laser
3 - Battle Rifle
4 - Covenant Carbine
4 - Shotgun
Whats your favorite halo 3 weapon ? In case you cant decide here`s a good list of all the halo 3 weapons : http://halowiki.net/p/Weapons

Hehe, Funny Halo 3 Kamikaze style trick by some guy

Hoho, definitely the first time I’ve seen someone do this. Sure looks like he had some fun there, would never work on me though, only work on newbies who can’t shoot the guy sooner ;)

A Halo 3 Video that is nothing but a Hilarious Suicide ! Best ever? ;)

Hehe lol. I have to pinch myself in the arm to believe this just happened before my eyes, that’s just sick. I hope that guy isn’t this unlucky in real life too. I didn’t know this was even possible. A nicely edited halo 3 video that you simply can’t miss.