A Happy New Year to all Halo 3 addicts out there ! :D

Just wanted to say that I hope everyone has a blast today, as we head on over to 2008. I wish 2008 will be the best year ever. Remember that Halo 3 will live on forever, and there probably will come new halo games in the future. Even if it wont be a halo 4 game, because that will sadly never happen. Oh well.
Here is a last halo 3 video of this year:
A lucky halo 3 stick, lol:

Oh Yeah! Action packed halo 3 video !

Here is a montage video by "Frozen".
It is his second video, and I must say that I liked it very much. Although he could have better editing skills, his halo 3 skills are good enough ;) I hope you like this clip too, and let me know if you happen to know the name of the music artist.

A great and fun Halo 3 Machinima..

This is episode 3 called My Tank is Fight.
Hehe, that one guy is such a whiner. How cool is this video!? ;) I must say I liked it anyway. I dreamed today that someone made a halo 3 movie, oh wait. The Halo 3 movie is planned already, wow!!!! The halo 3 movie is going to rule the world...ok, that all, just watch this already, very enjoyable ;)

A Halo 3 Montage Video by CM-XWing You gotta see this one!

Oh YEah, this is the cool stuff. The CM-XWing team should be proud, they have done an awesome job here. It consist of everything you would want from a montage video. Cool music like Iron Maiden, and non-stop action :D Just the way I like it anyway.

Haha, Halo 3 Punching Master. Funny video !

Haha, this is extremely cool if you ask me. 2 punches and 2 KO`s ;)

A wicked sick and cool Halo 3 video. Boost shoot with no scope

The beauty of the sniper rifle is clearly the raw power that a single shot delivers to the opponent. It can be the coolest thing ever, or the most annoying... depending on who gets shot ;) Wow. this video is so cool! You like it too?

Very Cool Halo 3 video montage! Action all the way

A very enjoyable all the way through. Like videos like this I must say. Action pumping and with cool music. Montage by "Ronin".

Great Halo 3 ultimate skull video: Finding all the skulls in the game.

Since last post was about finding the fourth skull, I think it is necessary to show you have to find the rest of them too ;) Since you DO want em all don't you!? Yeah, halo 3 players are greedy like that. Yeah have fun watching this entertaining free skull video ;)

halo 3 skull locations video: How to get the fourth skull ;)

Hoho, even when you are a Halo 3 addict like myself. I cant say I have got the 4Th skull just yet. I'm going to do this tomorrow though, so don't worry. It requires a lot of jumping, so I have to save my energy :p Ha ha. How about you, do you have the fourth skull in your possession? ;)

A Halo 3 Commercial , simply hilarious :D

I laugh every time I see this video. Its like watching everyone I know playing halo 3. Its so true that playing this game can get so intense, that you just want to scream.

Hoho. Even though this game has it all, there can still be some bugs... watch this video clip and see..

Bungie should have made sure the hitboxes where just perfect. Then again we don't live in a perfect world. Where Master Chief would be the president. This gamer had to be frustrated when trying so hard to snipe that guy. ;) Oh well..

Also... Here is a flythrough video of a new map called "Solitary". Looks like a lot of fun ;) That's no shocker since I like almost all Halo 3 maps ;)

Entertaining and fun video with Red Vs Blue !

Haha, I know everyone here are familiar with red vs blue, but I bet you might haven't seen this one. Very funny I must say, had to laugh many times here ;D

Cool video ! Guy goes crazy with the machine gun

Wow this looked like a lot of fun. Any halo 3 fan would like to get 9 kills in 50 seconds. Cant say I have managed to do this myself, but I'm not that good yet unfortunately. He had some luck of where the people where standing here, if I was in the same situation I would have gotten 10 kills at least;)

Oh Yeah! Awesome Funny Halo 3 Video. - Double frag noScope

Haha. Cant say I have seen this before. That's the beauty of the sniper riffle though, how powerful it can be. Seen some other cool videos before, with people that have become quite good at sniping without scope, and that's something I would like to practice more on. ;) Wow, that guy must have been shocked, when he saw what he did ;D Cool video, watch this!

A funny and wierd halo 3 moment ;)

Hoho, what the....? Hehe sniping backwards seems like a very cool thing to do, will try it myself sometime :P Now if only there was a way of looking backwards without turning around..

Halo 3 Machinima: Human Weapons Guide

Oh Yeah, Lets analyze the weapons in Halo 3 a bit. I think this is a very enjoyable overview of the weapons. My favorite has to be the sniper ;) Because of all the POWER it has ;) Whats your favorite?

Wow. Very cool Montage Halo 3 video! A recommended watch.

This is clearly one of my favorites when it comes to montage type of films. Kudos to AceHawk89 for showing us all his skills. Action pumping stuff, with great music and great sniping most of all. I bet you will enjoy this one ;)

Here is a tutorial: How to get Halo 3 videos on your pc

As a heavy halo 3 gamer myself, I know a lot of people wonders about how this is done. It can be a bit complicated, but to sum it up, you will need a capture card. And a little computer "know-how". ;)

New Halo 3 Multiplayer Map - Rats Nest - Showoff

Lets take a look of this very new map just released "Rats Nest". It looks like a big map, but I must say I like it anyway. What do you think of it?

Hehe. Halo Soccer - Guy gets killed by giant ball :D

This is pretty funny I think. What a fine punch that ball got, before hitting that dumb guy right in the head. Ouch, with a ball that size, that's gotta hurt! :D

Exiting and Action based Halo 3 Montage video and a halo arcade game

"Ladies and gentlemen please, would you bring your attention to me" - From the song in this video. Hehe, very well picked music and I like it. It makes any type of Halo video so much better I think. Here we have lots of good action filled halo moments, brought to us by "Motaxs". Maybe some parts where a little too fast paced, even for an action addict like myself :p It can be nicer to see things in slow motion in Halo3 though.

Also I would like to share a cool halo arcade game. OK, its not a GREAT game. Taking in consideration that I really wanted to share halo related flash games with you guys and girls now, it is somewhat decent game, and the amount of halo flash games are very limited at the moment. Its called the Warthhog Launch ;)Here it is anyway:

Excellent Overkill video.

I think this looks a lot easier than it actually is. Some of those kills were pretty good, when you take in consideration that there was much movement involved here. It can be difficult to play halo 3 under pressure, or when you are in a stressful situation. I know this because my aim is terrible under pressure :P

A Halo 3 Video you will like....This is Action packed stuff

Yeah! This clip is great. I'm such a huge action fan.. if its movies starring Van Damme or Steven Seagal, or if its a video game like Halo 3 ;) Lots of high quality game footage right here people. Watch and enjoy ;)

A Very Cool Halo 3 Machinima video :]

This one is called "The One", and has some really cool filming and editing. I also really like the music choice. I just know I have heard that music from somewhere, but just cant remember. Anyone know what this song is called?

Hoho, entertaining video! Insanely skilled player ;)

Wow, I know a skilled player when I see one, and I bet this guy is darn awesome in Halo 3. Skilled players have a distinctive way of moving and aiming, and a more direct approach, than the average joe type of player. Ho ho, I wish this was me dominating like this ;) Maybe one day. How about you, are you any good in halo 3 at this point? ;)

Haha funny video with flying vehicle :D

Hoho, always enjoy watching crazy moments in this game. Halo 3 is still the best game on X360 ;) Here we see an explosion that leads to an enormous flying trip. Looks fun, and nice that they manage to hit that bunker.

Stunning Halo 3 Speedpainting, by an incredible artist!

I have watched this guy do speedpaintings in the past, and I must say this guy is my hero. He`s skills in photoshop are beyond what I thought was possible almost. Man Its cool to see that this guy is a Halo 3 fan like myself. If only he could make me a huge Halo 3 poster to hang on the wall, that would be awesome !! :D

Hoho, Skilled player gets overkill. great video!

Oh yeah! this is the good stuff! That first plasma grenade throw was amazing! He just sensed the guy would show up exactly there, and then goes on sniping without zoom. Sniping without zoom sure is difficult, I'm so bad at it myself. Never hit anything like that... oh well.. must practice more ;)

Halo 3 wallpaper Mania and a Funny Halo 3 Video ;)

Wanted to share with you some very cool Halo 3 wallpapers that I use at the moment.
That Can be found here, I use the one at far right in second row. It is clearly the coolest halo wallpaper ever! ;) Well I like it anyway. If you want more cool halo 3 pictures still, then this is a good link.
Hope you like your new halo 3 backgrounds, that you will be using for a long time now. Lets get over to watching videos again. Here is a new clip for you:

Funny, Hilarious, Stunning, Amazing. I think I made my point. Watch this video!

This is probably the best halo 3 machinima movie that is made so far. If anyone disagree, please tell me what video is cooler that this one!? He he, looks like it has been put a lot of effort into making this movie! This is NOT work of an amateur, that for sure!! I think this is the first episode of a series of upcoming machinima videos. Stay tuned for more on this in the future!

Next up: Overview video of the vehicles in the game

Lets continue exploring the game some more. You need to know the advantages of the vehicles in Halo 3, if you plan to survive longer than 5 minutes at a time. I just love how funny these videos are made, and they also are very easy to follow. My favorite is the tank ;)

Game video : tips and tricks on all the equipment in Halo 3. Watch to become a better gamer ;)

Every player will fast learn the basics about the weapons in halo 3, but newbies probably wont understand or know how to use all the equipment you have at your disposal. This video will tell you everything you need to know about the equipment you should be using when you play online. My favorite is the regenerator ;)

Funny video again ;) this time its a messed up overkill

Hehe this game never stops to impress me, on how cool many fights are. This is just sick and messed up. Very entertaining to watch, have watched it 5 times already hehe.

Haha. Such a great halo 3 game video: Moongoose action!

That's what I'm talking about! Very stylish sniping on the moongoose. Every hardcore gamer just have to dig this. At least I think this is totally awesome! he he.. hope you liked it too anyway ;) Back off to playing halo3 again... Its incredible how addictive this game is people!? I wish we could hope for a Halo 4, but that could never happen :\ But there WILL come an other game with Master Chief, and the Halo universe... that's for sure...

Funniest use of a halo 3 weapon ever !?

Haha, this is freakin hilarious I must say. Look at that guy goes flying into that stone wall. :D

Simply a very funny halo 3 video ;)

Moments before the grenade exploded, this guy could be heard over the microphone screaming "oh, crap!!". Hehe, what a cool recorded moment. Very slow-motion video, and I like it ;)

Action packed montage Halo 3 video! Highly recommended to watch!!

Awesome video showing you a guy owning with the sniper! Its a good idea if you want to dominate Halo 3, to really learn to be good with the sniper. If you manage to take your enemies down on close range, than you will pretty much become unstoppable! Very enjoyable video!, nicely edited with slow-motion effects and a great music choice I think.

YEaH! Extremely Cool video, this guy is on fire!

This is like seeing myself playing halo 3, I never die and always take down at least 20 people in a row :P He he, ok maybe not, but its very enjoyable to watch someone totally owning anyway. All in all a very awesome video, with cool music. Two thumbs up!

Haha fun and enjoyable video: Halo 3 now available on Guitar Hero 3 ! :D

Yeah, the halo 3 music really kicks ass! I'm a big fan anyway.. The halo 3 soundtrack just couldn't be any cooler.. Master Chief must be listening to it inside he`s helmet while he runs around shooting all the covenant forces to dust.

Haha funny moongose sniper video, this is sick!

Hoho. How often are you this lucky!? He sure should play the lottery more often. When you fly through the air on a moongose with a sniper, and you manage to hit a moving guy in a vehicle, then its almost scary! A very cool kill though, he should get extra points for style on this one! :D

Wow very cool video: Halo 3 montage/trailer type

Hoho yeah! This is very well edited and makes anyone wanna play this game more. Some really cool frags right here people! Enjoy it as much as I did!

When Master Chief comes to dinner. Hilarious video ;)

Like it or not here is a MadTV parody of Master Chief and Halo 3. Haha, personally I'm a big fan of MadTV of course, and don't know anyone who isn't. But I think there are some out there...and for you just ignore this totally freakin awesome video, that will make you laugh as you never laughed before :P yeah this is very enjoyable, so many good halo 3 jokes and such. Cool plasma grenade effect too:p anyway..watch this!!

Haha, Amazing and funny set up in forge A must see video :D

Haha, freakin awesome!!!! How much time did it take to set up all that stuff!? Cant beleive he did that. I mean Im so eager to play the game itself, that I would never in a million years start on a crazy thing like this. Kudos to him for sharing this cool video with us all ;)

Enjoyable sniping overkill video

You know you have played plenty of Halo 3 when it gets easy for you to replicate what this guy is showing off in this video right here. Getting the "overkill" in a clean and easy way, only using the zoom once!;) Amazing...at least its very cool. That's a good tip actually; learn to become the master of sniping without zooming:D Will try this myself. Sorry about the no sound.

Haha, funny unlucky/dumb player

Hehe, this is such a sweet funny suicide video. He cant have played Halo3 much, to throw plasma grenades so poorly, but he also is incredible unlucky here. haha! Anyone interested in gaming in general will appreciate this video, this is something to bookmark I think ;)

COOL video with a guy who gets "Killtastrophe" !

Hoho, this is awesome! Cant say I have managed to pull this off myself, but looks like loads of fun. He must have played plenty of Halo3 to get this good. Yeah, ok, the people he encountered were sucky players, but still this is cool. If you haven't gotten Killtastrophe, what is the best you can talk about? I guess my best is "Overkill", which ain't that good :p

Funny hilarious Video: Guy gets hit and goes flying like a rocket

Haha, first time I have seen this happen is halo 3. I must say this looks amazing in replay. Hope this happens to me sometime, looks fun to go flying like this ;)

Funny video ! Haha, guy with Gravity Hammer vs guy with rocketlauncher

First time I have posted showing the ultimate and cool power of the gravity hammer. Its when you are able to make a fool of a guy with the rocket launcher, who thinks that he is taken you down. You have to be fast though to pull this off, but I know I'm able to do this, are you?

Funny sniper demonstration video ;)

Hehe, this guy seems to know what he`s doing with the sniper rifle that's for sure. I always like to be lucky and hit someone without zooming, very enjoyable stuff. This video is mostly in slow motion too, which is always pretty cool. Watch watch!

Ohhh YEah! Very cool montage trailer video

This video really gets me pumped up and ready for some action! Halo 3 action that is. Master Chief himself would have enjoyed this video very much ;)

Haha Funny Video !! A fan made music video about the Grav. Hammer

Very well done video I must say. Don't be afraid of the warning message at the beginning, its not as bad as you think ;) Its all good, nice, clean Halo humor ;) Many people seem to like the way Master Chief crouches... he he, and I'm one of them.. Then again I like everything with the Chief. The gravity hammer is cool, so gotta love this video ;)

Plasma grenade trick video.

Yeah this is awesome! Tossing that plasma grenade all the way from one base to the other. That would make one heck of a frag, if you managed to do this in a real multiplayer battle. I'm off to test this myself now ;)

Very cool video about how you go about to drive the AA-Wraith in Co-op

This is easy though ;) Cool video with a legendary song playing, just had to post this halo 3 clip.

HAha best bubble shield throw ever! This is hilarious!

If your looking to learn more tricks and tips to help your online gaming form. Then watch this clip! It might come in handy one day, when you face a guy trying to blow up your nice looking face with a plasma grenade :P Bubble shield is the coolest of the new gadgets in halo 3 I think. You might disagree, but I simply don't care;) OK, then lets hear it, whats your favorite!? And tell my why its your favorite in the comments field below! ;)

Funny and amazing toss video

Its nice when the teamwork in Halo is good like this. :D I have a tendency not to think about my teammates when playing, because they tend to screw up all the time anyway. I'm more like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo I must admit :D Maybe I should give teamwork another try then, after watching this haha...

Funny accident, guy throws grenade and gets vehicle in the face

Yeah! This is one sick and cool video I tell you. The title says it all. Incredible clip that you maybe never will see exactly this happen ever again. Its such a lucky kill that you will want to see more videos like this. I sure would...

Great explosion on the beach! Watch this!

Here is a well made funny and stupid video. Really liked how this clip was filmed or recorded. Its easy to understand that this guy might have played campaign mode of the game sometimes, and maybe had a little too much spare time on his hands.

The cool Halo 300 mixture video

He he, recently watched this video, and all though I know many have seen it, it might be some who hasn't, and some who would want to watch this video again. Very cool video starring Master Chief and the gang, with the voices from the amazing 300 movie. Enjoyable!

HALO + 300 = HALO 300 - The best free videos are right here

haha funny guy tries to do a big jump but fails big time

Here this guy is facing the scarub, and tries to jump on it. It was a stupid think to try in my opinion. Ahhh well, enjoyable fall. It was a long way down ;)

Ultimate look on glitches, bugs and tricks in halo 3

I'm not sure but is glitches the same as bugs? I must say that I don't feel like glitches in this game is a problem at all. The creators have done a great job on this last halo game, there will always be some glitches here and there, but they aren't annoying in this case I think. This video also contains some cool tricks that looks incredible cool, watch this!

A whole bunch of funny halo 3 screenshots

This is a great collection of funny pictures I haven't seen before. Really enjoyed watching this, many cool moments, close calls, and general funny situations. Its 6 minutes with admiration of Master Chief and how cool he is ;)

Halo ninja stick video

A short and sweet video with something a sneaky stick that you maybe haven't too many times before ;) Just love that ninja rap song too, "go ninja go ninja go" he he excellent!

Amazing halo 3 jump video ! This one is quite impressive and stunning !

Ho ho I thought this was an extremely entertaining video to watch. I'm a big fan of jumping videos, so that's why I think this video is just freakin cool. My fascination with jumping videos comes from my addiction to an old school game called "Action Quake 2" ;) If you were only going to watch one video clip on the net today, let it be this one! I mean these jumps are sick! Although many of the jumps are just for show, and cant really be used with much purpose on multiplayer battles online, it surely is fun to watch. When he also have a somewhat good music taste, I rate this video as one of my favorite Halo 3 videos ever. Top notch ! I wish I had jumping skills like this dude, but it takes a lot of practice ;)

Sick guy has got some skills.....;)

Watching this video reminds me a lot of my self :P Ok, he might be better than me, but that's how I want to be playing anyway. Need to practice more. Are YOU better than this guy!?

An other Hilarious halo video...A totally unique video

Hahaha! ouch! That's gotta hurt. You must see this video!! he he a laugh maker, so share this one with your friends, like I have ;)

Haha, fun video with very lucky player

I have seen my fair share of grenade sticks, and all I can say that there are lots of cool things happening in the world of Halo 3 online. In this video you will see a guy making first one lucky throw, and then he thinks "Wow, oh what the heck, lets try that again". Guess what he manage to pull of another incredible lucky throw once more :D Great halo 3 moment in order words. If I had to chose one favorite halo 3 weapon, I now think it has to be the grenades :D Loads of fun..

Haha funny stupid teleport video

There is no point to this video. Other than it being short and funny. Just something to watch right after watching the previous posts about the map analyse.

Maps analyse part 2 - How to become a halo 3 pro player ;)

Yeah, this is the continued talk about the maps in the game. Very well made map guide I think, well worth a watch. So take your notepad and start making notes :P

Fun Halo 3 maps analyse - part 1

Hehe, if you are eager to become a pro Halo 3 player this information is critical to know about! Very good talk about the maps I think, a lot of the tips make sense, and these guys are probably halo 3 experts. So listen to these guys, and you will be a really good player ;)

One last funny screenshot video for now ;) - Part 3

This clip is just too not to make a post about. Ha ha some really good pics here too, like that one were Master Chief break dance, spinning around on his head. Maybe after the war is over he can go further with his talent who knows.

Great halo 3 screenshots ! - part 2

He he the comments in this video is just hilarious. This has to be my favorite screenshots from the game, so many incredible pictures here. But again I wonder how its possible that Master Chiefs body gets mutated in strange ways in this video too. Thinking about Master Chief as Mr.Fantastic, a funny picture, but what have just happened before that picture was taken!?

Wow, amazing halo 3 screenshots ! - part 1

This is stunning stuff people. Can somebody give me a hint why some of these screenshots shows master chiefs body part in all different directions? How is that possible!? Funny video though, some halo 3 eye candy on some of the shots ;)

Haha, a crazy throw that is darn funny

If you don't like lucky people, then you wont like this guy. Personally I get frustrated playing online games, when people that I know have less skill than me, take me down. Its just wrong.. Well I'm off playing halo 3 again.. no one beats me at the moment ;)

Another funny Master Chief dancing video

He he, have always been a fan of the stop motion technique, looks cool I think. Nice break dancing ;)

Master Chief dances to what is love song ;) This is Awesome hehe.

That's some smooth moves there Master Chief ;) Get on the dance floor and be like the master :p

Haha, extremely creative and funny video: Master Chief in Mortal Kombat!

A very cool gamer has decided to make a fan video of Master Chief kicking ass in Mortal Kombat, and here is the result!

An other bad sniper in Halo

I guess its strange that his sniping don't seems to work, but I think the mystery is that its because of lag in the game.

HAha! hilarious video a terribel player

There are skilled players and there are horrible players. This player really needs to learn to aim better, ha ha couldn't help but laughing at his way of aiming.

Haha funny no scope sniper

A guy using the sniper in Halo 3, and hitting extremely well. If this was Counterstrike on the pc it would have been some kind of cheat, in halo 3 its just called pure luck ;)

Amazing portal jumping, this is halo humor at its finest

Hmm I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one who hasn't been portal jumping like this yet. Wow its very cool to watch in 3rd person view ;)

Hoho funny video with a magnet stick

If you thought you have seen all the typical plasma grenade sticks up til now, you are so wrong. Hehe haven't seen the magnet effect like this before playing halo 3. That's just sick ;)

Humor video about the only ugly side of Halo 3

Haha, this is one sick and funny video. The only downside to Halo 3 is probably that the game is just so darn good, that it becomes an addiction to play it all day long. Which can be bad yada yada yada.... No, who are we kidding, playing Halo 3 for hours without end is good for the soul ;)

Blame Halo 3 - Watch more free videos

Extremely new and funny stick video :D

People just throwing plasma grenades without purpose like this, can be very annoying, especially if you are the one that gets hit in the head with one of these grenades :p This video capture some of the essence of Halo 3 humor.

Fun video on how you manage to drive an AA wraith

I like this vehicle a lot so its cool to see how you drive it.

More fun Halo 3 trick jumps

Some ok jumps here I think. The last video posted was probably more impressive, but this one is a good addition to trick jump videos. A good tip in Halo 3 is definitely to have good teamwork going, and it can be freakin cool to do some trick jumps on your teammates head ;)

Very cool jumping tutorial.

Wow I think that's an impressive jump. Will try this myself later, hope it isn't too difficult to manage, for it looks cool and could come in handy. All in all a nice tutorial video on jumping in Halo 3 ;)

Hilarious video with lucky shot

He he, this is a cool video basically. That guy doesn't stand a chance against such luck.

Just an excellent funny music video, showing of the awesomeness that is halo3

Its fun and entertaining after a hard days work, to sit back, relax and watch a video like this one. Try it, and you will know what I mean ;)

Amazingly funny video with the badest spawn ever :D

This is one unlucky player for sure. What are the odds of that happening, one might wonder. Never happened to me anyway. I guess he was pretty shocked seeing that car run him over.

Funny explosive video makes chief go skyhigh


Possible easter egg? Funny video anyway ;)

I have to say that the movie "300" is a very cool movie!! "This is sparta!!" Maybe Bungie also liked that movie, and decided to put this sentence in the game. Or maybe this video is staged.. I'm not sure, you have to make up your own opinion about this.

Funny silly Halo , when cars fly in your face ;)

Hehe, this is a cool video. A typical video here in this blog. Guess that guy never thought that car was dangerous, if only he could have aimed a little better..

Haha! Funny guy doing a frontflip into a pyramid of a halo 3, great video !

Haha, this video is short and stupid. Nevertheless it made me laugh, and is halo 3 related ;)

Funny video with teleport jumping.

Ahhh teleport jumping.. Its maybe going to be a trademark or something you will think about when you hear the name "Halo 3". If some of you know counterstrike, and I know you do:p, then you know that the game had "Bunny jumping" at some point. Now we Halo 3 players have teleport jumping ;) I'm a fan of jumping videos, because of my background as a hardcore "Action Quake 2" gamer in the old days ;)

Amazing and enjoyable Halo 3 video ;)

Its great to just sit back and watch some skillful player do his business, while cool music is playing in the background. That's what this video is all about.

Fun and awesome music video

This video is simply called "Minitage". It is a sweet video, of just some cool frags with cool music. I liked it anyway, that's why it gets posted.

Hehe, new funny stick video.

It one thing standing still or running while you throw your grenade sticks, but when you are driving, you have got another think to focus on. That makes this video really cool, that he made that stick look so easy.

Amazing new vehicle in Halo 3, haha stunning new funny video

Ok, before you think that there`s actually new vehicle in this game, since I said so. I might add that this not so much a vehicle that the designer of the game made intentionally. It is more of a bug or glitch if you will, that is just sick. You have to see it too believe it :P

Funny creative video, with ingame made art

This is probably the finest art made in halo 3 as of yet! ;)

haha! Funny video with an amazing banshee splatter moment! :D

Its incredible how unlucky a player can get in Halo 3. This video really made me laugh, and I hope any other gamer will agree that this is hilarious ;)

Funny Halo 3 splatter video

In this battle I'm not quite sure what happened. All I know is that it was fun to watch, and that is the main thing:p

Hoho! Funny Halo 3 car accident, caught on video!

This unlucky player haven't learned to look both sides before jumping. Hehe, guess he didn't think that a flying spinning car was going to hit him there. In Halo 3 anything can happen ;)

Cool Halo 3 jumping trick video.

After watching this, walls wont stop you anymore ;)

Hoho, I guess some people play Halo 3 a lot!

This is a fairly long video. 9:15 minutes of a guy that seems darn good. You can tell by the way he plays, that he has played Halo a lot! :D If you want to become a pro gamer, you can probably learn something from this guy. How he moves and stuff.

Funny video with sniper guy ;)

Hehe, that was a good place to stand and snipe.

Awesome Halo driving. Fun video to watch.

In many ways the vehicles in Halo is also tons of fun, and here is a guy who has made a little racetrack for himself. He is not a bad driver either. A cool little video 8)

Funny video with a lucky stick !

The player himself admits that it was 99% pure luck, so got to trust him on that. That's far to throw, and would have missed had it not been for the opponent running right at it :P

Haha, Funny Halo animation!

This cool video is called something like funny situations in Halo, and yes, its a good description of what this video is all about. I cant say that these are situations you will encounter while playing the game, but anyway there are a bunch of good halo jokes in this video ;) I think there are totally 10 funny Halo situations. A MUST see Video !

New and incredible funny video !

Its Moongoose time! The Benny Hill theme really makes halo videos even funnier than they already are. But then again, that song makes anything more funny, no matter what :P

Haha, Funny Video ! Mario and Luigi go into Halo 3

This is one funny video. The classics never die! I don't really see Mario or Luigi running around with guns though, they just seem too nice. But anyway very well made video!

Here is a very cool Halo 3 music video !

Wow, this is one sweet action packed video. You get the feeling that you are watching a halo movie really.. The good news is that there most likely will come a real Halo movie some time in the future. If you haven't seen the info on this yet. You could go here for more info on that.

Stunning mongoose stunt!

Haha, this funny mongoose stunt is sick! Chief must have strong arms to be able to hold on there :D

A Halo 3 easter egg video

Hehe, I never knew about this easter egg, before seeing this video! I usually almost feel bad shooting those aliens, they are just so small, and seems harmless to me. This guy was funny though ;)

Just a cool Halo 3 video basically

People love to fool around in this game, and here is a typical example of that ;)

A film tribute to Masterchief and his Johnson

Take a look at this movie! ;) This is very impressive work!

Amazing plasma grenade throw !

Wow. Maybe not as impressive as some of the similar videos posted so far, but still a cool halo 3 video, that deserves to be posted here.

Ahhhh. Nice video with a great throw and stick

Hehe, just amazing to watch these kinds of videos! Cant get enough..

Haha, its time to play Halo capture the Flag Arcade game !

An other quick, short, and hilarious halo 3 video for you ;)

Short and sweet replay. Maybe not as funny as my last posted replay, but still a good video.

Wow. Even 95 year olds like to play Halo 3 !

So the next time you see someone playing online running along, and mostly looking up into the skies or down on the ground, it could be your old grandmother your facing :P

Haha! Watch this funny replay.... lol

I thought this was a freakin funny replay video. Its really short, but that doesn't matter here, high quality halo humor ;)

Amazing Halo 3 jumper video !

This guy isn't afraid of heights, that's for sure. Hehe I really like these videos where the player is fooling around and having fun like this. Always been a jumper myself, not in halo 3, but in an old school game called Action Quake 2 :p haha.

British guy showing you some tips and tricks in Halo 3

He he, funny guy. These tips and tricks are nothing any serious gamer don't know already. For those who are playing Halo 3 for the first time, and don't want to be totally owned in the battlefield in multiplayer gaming, can probably pick up some useful information here. Just remember newbie that you cant take this guy seriously, since he don't know how to hold the controller even.

VideoJug: Halo 3: Tips And Tricks

Incredible unlucky player. Simply Hilarious!

Haha, this is one of those videos, that makes you wonder if your eyes are working correctly. From now one you should look out for those dangerous traffic cones!

Fooling around in Halo 3 , funny video

These guys (or girls, we don't know :p) are having "Mancannon Fun" which this video is called :D Playing the game like it was never intended to be played.

The Always useful bubble shield in Halo 3

Haha, that worked out well. The Bubble shield is anyway one of the coolest new things in halo 3 I think.

Hoho, the funny and amazing grenade sticks videos in Halo 3 just keep coming

Grenade sticks are really something many like fooling around with. Like them a lot myself actually. Although I feel Master Chief could throw the stick a bit harder ;)

Halo 3 dancing master ;)

Some smooth moves by a great dancer. This video goes out to everyone out there that takes Halo 3 too serious, look how fun it is to dance in this game :P ha ha.

Great moves by a lucky player.

Hehe, this is great video. This probably looks a lot easier than it really is. I know that I could accomplish sniping like that if I trained 5 hours daily, but then it wouldn't be luck. It would be pure skill. Cool music also, if anyone know what it is, please let me know in a comment.

The Halo 3 funny cartoon story

Haha, I though this video was pretty darn funny. This video is called "Halo Lost in Time", but doesn't really go into the real halo 3 story. Anyway its a great video :D

A stunning halo 3 moment !

Hoho, I would say this is the best stick ever, at least so far with Halo 3. I let you be the judge of that ;) You can compare with an other video on this blog, which also had an extremely funny & lucky incident.

Another Halo 3 Music Video

This time its just an awesome and cool video, that makes you appreciate the game more. If your looking for a funny Halo 3 video, check out the previous post ;) This Halo 3 video is just high class art. Oh, and the cool music playing is "Clint Mansell - Kronos_Quartet - Summer Summer Overture" ;)

Halo 3 music video - The Rap about Master Chief ;)

Haha, very well made video, that sure did make me laugh;) Its Enjoyable the way Master Chief can moonwalk and crouches , ehehe a big thumps up to youtube records :D

Masterchief Robs store !

Hehehe, funny video of Master Chief like you have never seen him before. Ok, this isn't an in-game action video, but still, wanted to post it. It is Halo 3 related enough, and besides, that master chief suit is so crazy cool to watch. Where do I get one ? ;)

Funny videos

Haha! Playing baseball in Halo 3

This mission of this blog is to gather awesome funny halo 3 videos just like this one. Isn't every first person shooter game out there that lets you play baseball with weapons, instead of the ordinary sport equipments. And yes I believe this is a homerun hit :D

Lucky Halo 3 kill again, handgrenades are fun! :D

HAha, you can see its pure luck. It sure is funny to watch, but if that was me getting hit by that grenade I would be pissed. Ahhhh I just love that Saved films function, these special moments will keep us gamers interested in Halo 3 for a long time! Just think about all the cool videos that will come soon because of this. Im looking forward to many awesome Halo 3 machinima movies, that will totally rule.

A typical Halo 3 problem it seems... passwords are hard :D

Hahaha, I'm just loving this. Halo 3 is such a great game ;)Thanks Bungie!!! Why cant Master Chief do something here though :P Couldn't he like blow that door open, like Chuch Norris would have done... Hmmm Chuck Norris.. maybe he could have been in the game. haha :P No forget it. Halo 3 is great as it is, and this funny moment made me laugh.

Funny Halo 3 In-game conversation, this one is hilarious :D

Hehe, this is Halo 3 comedy at its best :D I really laughed when I saw this, that guy is soooo difficult..

Funny Halo 3 video of someone making a triple kill

Hehe he has added funny music with this one. Very enjoyable halo 3 video this one. I like how he brags about making this little triple kill, I bet I would have beat him in a 1on1 dual ;)

Here is a very funny but most of all AMAZING HALO 3 VIDEO :D

Its almost as I cant beleive my eyes. This video shows you that anything is possibel in Halo 3. I bet it is one extremely lucky gamer who pulled this off. Because what are the odds for this happening !? :D

An introduction to this legandery and great game. And why I think it became such a success

I don't think it is necessary to have a long introduction here. Instead lets keep it simple. Halo 3 is an all exclusive game to the Xbox 360, that was released in the US on September 26, and in Europa the day after. Like the other two games in the series, it is basically a sci-fi first person shooter game, where you play as the character "Master Chief". A super soldier who of course is on a mission to save the world ;) I think that is all that needs to be said in an introduction. If you want more information on the game story in Halo 3, you will have no problem finding it somewhere else ;)

By now everyone who call themselves a gamer knows what a great game Halo 3 really is. It deserves attention too, the developers (Bungie Studios) of this game have in my opinion fulfilled the expectations to this game. Halo was great, Halo 2 was better, and Halo 3 clearly is the best. I think its safe to say that Bungie Studios made everything from the previous games just simply better. They enhanced it, modified it, and added to the game, so that it ultimately became a rock solid package.

That I enjoy playing every time I get time to play it. Master Chief has in Halo 3 new weapons and vehicles to play with, which really makes the game extremely good. Ok lets continue with why I think Halo 3 became such a success. If you are brutally honest to our self (we as Halo fans), we should admit that the game isn't revolutionary in any particular way. We have seen it all before, in other similar games. But I think it is the fantastic gameplay that is the main reason why this game gets so much attention.

The gameplay in Halo 3 is simply excellent. Its logical button commands, the speed of the game, the cool and high jumping Master Chief is so good at. And the nice amount of weapons to choose from. Too me its just the right amount, not too much, and not too little, just perfect. When I was playing it yesterday Halo 3 reminded me of games like Quake and Action Quake 2(!) And that is a good thing, I still enjoy those games very much.