Halo 3 Legendary Ending

I must warn you on this video, its a spoiler if you havent completed halo 3 on legendary. But come on who hasnt right ;) Yeah its cool, but yet leaves questions about what happens to master chief. Hope you like it if you havent seen it already ;)

Halo 3 Walkthrough of a FFA map "Statusphere" & cool montage video !

Hehe some guy made this map, and its looks like fun. Maybe not the best looking in the world, but there are lots of cool jumps to be made here, and I'm a jumping maniac myself so.. The music in this video is: "Asilos Magdalena" - The Mars Volta.

Now for a very cool montage video, that I wanted to show you all:

Oh Yeah !! ;)

Oh Yeah! this is how to dominate in Halo 3

The secret to become a real good player is this: learn to aim better than your opponents :P Get lots of head shots like this guy.. great video. hope you like it.

Hoho. This is a totally Insane Halo 3 Multikill Video!!

I KNOW you will like this one ;) This guy is sick! ;D My favorite video these last few weeks, and I have seen a bunch of halo 3 videos by now too... Watch this one, and tell me if you like it ;)

Lets watch a video with a really SKILLED playah and..

..maybe you will learn some tricks from this guy. I easily spot skilled players right away when I see one, its just the way they move and aim that's so freakin good. Very cool video minitage from "Taylor". Thanks for sharing it with us dude:P

Halo 3 Ultimate Trick Jumping Video !

He he, Trick jumps are so cool. Wonder how long this it took this guy to figure all this jumps out, some really impressive jumps here guys. Can really help you online, getting away from crazy people running after you. Hope you like this video too ;)

Halo 3 Guitar hero 3 expert, & "PlasmaTrotters video" Insane sticks!

Its time to show off some skills in Guitar Hero 3 playing the Halo song. Pretty good I must say. I have tried guitar hero a few times, and I pretty much sucked at it :P. Check it out:

Here is an other very cool video you have to watch. Its an incredible stick clip, that is very well made, and entertaining. I give it A++ actually ;) :

Halo 3 "ball course v.2" Its a score!

Oh yeah, if you happen to not have seen this before. Its basically Halo 3 soccer football thing... nicely made map for its purpose. Haha. GOAL! Watch this! ;)

Haha. Awesome and funny halo 3 video !

Wow, I must say that this was freakin cool. Here we have a guy going being really creative and messing around with forge. Have to be the best halo 3 suicide video ever.. I'm completely stunned now.. ho ho, and I'm off to play some halo :D

Haha, a Halo 3 Turorial video on how to do a Mongoose Wheelie

Oh Yeah! This was both stupid and cool at the same time. People do the strangest things in halo 3.. that's for sure. This video seems to be like 4 minutes long, but it actually is only 1.04, and then it hangs. What do you think of the video otherwise? hehe, will test this out myself.. ;)

Halo 3 Skill Video ! Wow this guy is good

Hoho, this is almost like cheating. So glad I never have met him online. That is some CRAZY sticks he has too... I guess skilled players are quite lucky some times. WATCH this one and envy the skills.

Halo 3 Video - What does Halo 3 and Mario have in common!?

HA ha. I almost fell of my chair when I first saw this crazy video. Apparently this game is called "Super Mario Fusion", where a hardcore Mario and halo 3 fan, have made a mix between the two games. What a crazy idea in itself isn't it!? Anyway this is so freakin cool! It is made in a a program "Game Maker 7 Pro", which I never have heard of myself, but I'm sure its a good program, if you feel that you want to make a game or two like this one ;D This game is expected to be released in form of a demo by the weekend of January 11-13. Have fun watching this one!! ;)

"SnayR`s" cool h3 Montage Trailer video & quick and sweet overkill video

Yeah! This is the stuff. I must say I have become such a fan of good montage videos. They are just so freakin entertaining and fun to watch!!! *Warning very cool music in this one* ;)

And here is a short clip of a guy getting overkill basically, looks like a good dude ;)

halo 3 trailer & montage video, very cool stuff ;)

Hehe I must say I liked this little trailer for halo 3. It should have been the real trailer for the game even :P But don't be fooled this is actually a very well made montage video from "Bowzzzer". *Watch it only if you REALLY like halo 3 ;)*

videos halo 3 - time to get crazy..

Haha what a man cannon this is. I'm not 100% sure who made this cannon, so wont go there, but sure looks like fun ;) One of the craziest things in halo 3 yet...

Halo 3 downloads - screensavers , wallpapers, and halo 3 msn pictures for free!

Just wanted to share some halo 3 downloads with you all. If you want to download any of the things in the title to your computer for free right away. Then I found some good links on the net for you ;) Head on over to http://halo.msn.com/downloads/na/default.htm & http://www.cnet.com/topic-software/halo-3.html if you're interested ;)

halo 3 master chief rules. Lucky stick video, freakin awesome!

Hoho, this is one sweet grenade stick ! Talk about luck. Just when the guy was throwing his stick, the other guy did the same. Look what happened then... Incredible luck. Very cool halo 3 video I might say. A moment to remember.

halo 3 2 halo 4 the movie

Here you have a video called "halo 3 2 halo 4 the movie", and its freakin hilarious.:D Maybe not the best looking animation in the world, but it still is pretty decent. The entertainment factor in this halo 3 / halo 4 parody movie, is high. Highly recommend that you watch this one ;)

Halo 3 new video

Halo 3 the video game continues to push people to do funny things in forge.
This one is called "the catapult" for obvious reasons. Creative and nicely edited clip, but the ending could have been better ;) Watch for yourself, and let me know what you think about this one ;)