Funny, Great, Awesome Halo 3 Montage

Hehe, I liked this one. Basically this video is about a fake trailer for a fake montage that was edited in one day. The first song is Battle Without Honor or Humanity and the second song is O Fortuna

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halo 3 video game

Oh Yeah people! Here is a very cool halo 3 montage video that I know you all will enjoy :D

Pretty cool music is added to these clips as well I will add =) Loads of fun, oh yes there will be mayhem :p

halo 3 skulls locations

For those that havent found those darn halo 3 skulls, then this video is for you.

Nice skull video with great music ;) The skulls in halo 3 was a nice touch to an already perfect game =) No wonder halo 3 grossed US$300 million in its first week. :D
Enjoy the skull guide, and then go out and get som sun =)

Cool Halo 3 Vehicles Gone Wild Video :D

Hehe, lol. This video is very unique and funny :D Havent seen any halo 3 video like this one before. "I like to move it move it song" is just perfect for this video too. (Sorry dont know what the song title is, who is singing this song anyway?). Watch and enjoy ;)