Halo Music Video - Best and Coolest youtube halo clip Ever!

Oh, Yeah, boys and girls! Im really posting an extremely cool halo music video today! This one is the mother of all youtube halo videos that you would ever see.. So crazy cool clip that it hurts! Basically this video takes you on a wild journey between many different music songs and styles. Im so crazy for not posting this clip until now... Oh well, here it is... lots of cool songs with halo 1 , 2 and 3 playing in the background. Enjoy.

Legendary Halo 3 Video

This video is probably not so hilarious funn like my other videos, but this one is just plain cool stuff... So what am I posting this time? Well its the extremely cool Legendary Halo 3 Video ending video after Credits EXTENDED ! Oh yeah,... Halo 3 is still the coolest game on xbox 360, and this video pretty much proves it, dont you think? ;) Hehe. its bad that there will never be a game like Halo 3 :\ Nothing can beat it..
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