A Funny Halo 3 Humor Clip basically...

The coolest part was the pacman parody I think. Priceless humor.. Here you will see LOTS of halo 3 versions of the coolest games in the history of video games. Today nothing beats Halo3 though that’s for sure. I have played it so much lately, but still not remotely close to being tired of this great game. But maybe its just that I’m addicted... hehe, have fun watching this video though, and please leave a comment if you liked it or not. Then I know what to post in the future you know ;)

Halo 3 Tips - Become a Pro Player ;)

This video totally kicks ass. Some useful tips there you might wanna try out the next time you play :P and some great typically halo 3 humor. You DONT want to miss out on this video, I really recommended it if you like halo 3 that is....;;)

Crazy Funny Halo 3 Wheelie With a Funny Ending ;)

Hehe this is pretty funny stuff.. I have never seen such a good wheelie with a warthog in halo 3 before, so that one was way cool! Quick and funny video, and the ending was surprising and unexpected as well.. ;)

Halo 3 Mario Kart Parody Video =)

Hehe this is freakin crazy, what has Master Chief got to do with Mario.. Very creative and fun video that any gamer will enjoy. Im not a Mario fan myself though, I think nintendo is for kids, but hey, thats my taste.

Amazing Halo 3 Trailer That stands out from the crowd!

Here is a video called "Triggers Down tD", and beleive me when I say its extremely well done and cool. The people behind triggers down is the MLG team, and the video editing skills are top notch! Two thumbs up, five golden stars, and all that. keep it up MLG ;D

Extremely Cool Halo 3 Video called Shraptain 2

Oh Yeah I must say I enjoyed this one very much. The description for this video is : "The best/most tactical jumps in me and captain`s second jump video, Shraptain 2."

Funny Stupid Dumb Halo 3 Videos :D

hehe, a pretty pointless video, with a strange song I know I have heard from somewhere, but just dont know where or what that song is called. Im so loooonely..

And  this clip is even more hilarious I think :D Just gotta love halo3 people..

Oh Yeah! Halo 3 Cool 4 Shot overkill video.

Its easy to spot a skilled halo 3 player, or any player in first person shooter games in general. Just study how this games aims and walks, its all about aiming correctly and seeing the right details. I myself sometimes happen to run backwards at times, making my die quite often. But Im not a skilled player so... :P

Very Cool Guide On how to make Halo 3 Panoramic Screenshots !

Havent we all seen those awesome panoramic screenshots from halo 3, that looks so increadible cool and impressive. Here is a guide on how to make this things yourself ! Oh Yeah Baby.

Also here is todays funny halo 3 video ;) :

Hilarious Halo 3 Machinima Video :D

Hahathis is funny stuff people! Some info on this video: "After months of waiting, three players, John, Vincent, and Travis, finally get their hands on the much anticipated video game, Halo 3."
The lesson to be learnt after watching this: Dont play WOW, it messes everything up ;)